Preventing Home Improvement Disasters

Starting a home improvement project can be daunting for a homeowner that doesn’t have much construction experience.

Home Improvement Disasters

Questions like when to hire a contractor; how to tell a good contractor from a bad one; how much it’s going to cost and what permits are required can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

That is why we put together a quick guide that explores the common pitfalls of home improvement and gives you tips on how to avoid them.

How To Prevent Home Improvement Disasters gives you strategies on saving time and money, determining if your contractor is trustworthy, navigating the permitting process in Chittenden County, and other critical considerations of building and remodeling.

We hope that our guide helps you understand the process a little better so you can make decisions with confidence. We also hope that you think of us the next time you need an experienced and trusted contractor.

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August 8, 2017


Thank you so much for your prompt and clear answers!! It will help every home owner.


This blog post is a lifesaver for anyone embarking on a home improvement project! It’s no secret that home improvement can be challenging, and unexpected disasters can quickly turn a dream project into a nightmare. Thankfully, this post provides invaluable tips and insights on how to prevent such disasters and ensure a smooth and successful renovation journey.

I appreciate your clear explanations and the emphasis on safety throughout the process.
It’s evident that you care about your readers’ well-being and want us to tackle these issues safely and effectively.
Your blog has become my go-to resource for appliance-related issues,
and I’ll be sure to share it with friends and family who might face similar problems with their appliances.
Keep up the fantastic work!

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