Power Washing

Patio Power Washing

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Power Washing is the best way to get rid of dirt and grime on exterior surfaces. It brings vinyl siding and decks back to life and transforms patios and sidewalks into “like new” condition.

Most people don’t realize how dirty their hardscapes are until we blast away the dirt. While we are at it, we will remove the moss and weeds between bricks and stones, and refill the joints.

Deck Power washing
Power Washing Stone
Stone Power Washing

In the wrong hands, though, a power washer can cause thousands of dollars in damage. The water pressure varies from 1500-4000 psi (pounds-per-square-inch) and can do a lot of damage to your house when used by someone without experience. The power can easily tear through finishing materials or create different textures on the wood surface. This is no job for a novice.

So sit back and let us power wash your house safely. The results will be amazing!

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