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Good fences make good neighbors.

Here in Vermont, where frost goes deep into the ground, a good fence is one that can withstand the freezing and thawing cycle of the soil. Fences typically do not have concrete footings below the frost line (60 inches deep) to support them, so it’s important to use the best installation method to minimize movement and ensure your fence will last a long time.
We recommend using a gravel base under and around the posts. Pouring concrete will get you into trouble here in New England, which many homeowners learn the hard way. As the ground freezes and thaws, the soil moves, causing the fence to heave and rack within a few years. If your fence is moving, we will need to remove the old concrete around the base and add gravel, which is time consuming but necessary for repairs.

Styles To Choose From

Wood Fences

Wood is the most attractive and traditional choice among homeowners. Some favorites include cedar, pressure treated wood, and spruce. Pressure treated posts last the longest in the ground, and spruce fencing, while inexpensive, tends to rot quicker. We also find that cedar and pressure treated fencing tends to rot at about the same rate, so pick out the style you like and go with that.

Metal Fences

Galvanized metal or painted steel are the common metal fences. It will either be a chain link fence or a welded wire hog fence. Both look inexpensive and are usually the cheapest way to go. If you have a large area to fence off, this may be the most cost effective option.

PVC/Vinyl Fence

These fences have a shiny look to them that appeals to some homeowners. You never need to paint them and they are easy to wash. They tend to be brittle, though, so be careful when weed whacking around them. Otherwise you can chip pieces off.

Common Uses


Fido needs space for playing, but keeping him on your property is a good idea.
You can choose a style as simple as a chain link or as quaint as a picket fence, depending on your tastes and the size of your furry friend. Whatever type you choose, you will need a fence that they cannot dig under or jump over.


Got a nosey neighbor? Or maybe a space where you can hide from the world for a while? A privacy fence is just the thing for you. These are usually six feet tall and either completely solid or hard to see through.


A nice looking fence will go a long way toward improving the look of your home and landscaping. It will also add value to your house and will give it that “curb appeal.”

Pool Fence

A good looking fence around a pool area can separate the space from the rest of the property. Most insurance companies will require a fence around any pool area. Sometimes this seems like a silly request but to keep your house insurance, this may be necessary.

Code Restrictions For Fences

We always make sure the fence is “code compliant” with the town you live in. A fence should not block the view of drivers turning onto roads, and your town may have specific rules regarding this. Many towns also require that the good looking side of the fence faces your neighbor.
Whether you need repairs, an enclosed space for your animals, or a fresh new look to your property, we will leave you with a great looking fence. Contact us today to discuss the best fit for your home.