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Replacing windows and doors is a popular project among Vermont homeowners. Not only do they help reduce heating and cooling costs, they also add value and beauty to your home. Quality windows and doors are a big draw with home buyers, as well. So if you are planning on relocating in the future, this is a good project to consider.


Types of Window Installations

You have two choices if you want to replace your windows:


New Construction Windows

With new construction windows, we replace the old unit, including the jamb and the trim on the inside and outside. This allows us to insulate around the window jambs properly.


The cost for a standard size new construction window can range from $175 for a vinyl window to $875 for a wood/clad unit. The labor to install can vary from $235 to $795.


Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are less costly and allow us to leave the interior and exterior trim in place, removing only the sash units (the moving parts). There is no finish trim to install, but we cannot insulate the old jambs. You also lose some light with replacement windows since the widow size will be smaller to fit into the old opening.


window installation


The cost for a standard size replacement window can range from $150 for a vinyl window to $550 for a wood/clad unit. The labor to install can vary from $185 to $495.


Precise measuring is vital to a successful project, and we ensure the right sized window gets ordered every time.


There are dozens of window manufacturers, and our team is familiar with every brand available in Vermont. We are a certified contractor with Pella, and we install several top-rated brands on a regular basis, including AndersenMarvin, IntegrityTherma TruJeld-Wen and Harvey.


There are several window types ranging from double-hung, casement, picture, transom, slider, stationary and awning.


Types of Materials Used In Windows

There are three main types of materials used in windows:


Vinyl – This is the least expensive option, and will not require painting. Vinyl windows usually don’t last as long as other types, although you may get up to 20 years out of them.


Wood clad – These are wooden windows with a vinyl or aluminum cladding on the outside, which means the exterior does not need painting. The interior can be stained, painted, or left in its natural color.



Fiberglass – These windows are very strong and will not rot. They also will not need painting.


All windows have several choices of film finishes for the glass, depending on the directional exposure to the sun, and they must be square to ensure they will open without getting stuck.



Exterior Door Installations

Exterior doors are typically 1 and 5/8” thick. They are slightly thicker than interior doors, allowing more space for insulation. A threshold is also attached to the door to allow for a weather tight seal on all four sides.


Unlike some windows, when an exterior door is replaced the old unit must come out. We will install a new pre-hung door unit which includes a new jamb, allowing us to insulate it properly. This requires us to remove and replace the trim on the inside and outside, although sometimes it can be reused. This is also a good time to check for rot and re-flash if necessary.


Types of Materials Used In Doors

Steel – This is the least expensive choice, offering an insulated foam core wrapped in thin steel. The door can be flat or raised panel, and it will need to be painted. Over time, the door can rust and dent at the bottom.


Wood – These authentic doors are usually made from a hardwood (mahogany, maple, or oak), and we can stain them to a beautiful finish. Nothing can beat the look of a wooden door, but they do require regular maintenance to ensure they do not rot or warp.


wood door installation


Fiberglass – These high end products often look and feel like wood, but they will not rot or warp. Nor will they rust and dent like steel doors. Textured fiberglass can be stained to look like a wooden door and sealed with polyurethane.


There are dozens of door manufacturers, but the most popular brands in Vermont are Jeld-Wen, Therma-Tru, Pella, Andersen and Simpson. Basic steel door prices start at $185 with high end wooden doors going as high as $2,500.


Interior Door Installations

Interior doors are typically 1 and 3/8” thick hollow core (pressed particle board) or solid wood. Particle board will need painting, while solid wood can be stained if desired.


Hollow core doors are inexpensive and light, starting at around $55. Solid wood is more costly, but it’s heavier and blocks out more sound from the adjoining room. These start at around $200 and up.


There are two types of interior door installations:


Pre-hung – This type requires us to remove the trim from both sides. We then install a new pre-hung door and add new casing. Sometimes we can re-use the original casing.


Slabs only – We measure and install a new door slab to line up with the existing hinges and handle set. We do not have to replace the door casing and the original jamb stays in place.


Proper installation is very important. Doors must be square and fastened properly to ensure they do not stick and the gap around all sides remains equal. Regardless of whether the installation involves windows or doors, our team manages every project with precision and efficiency, so you can enjoy many years of trouble free use.



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